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Raise helps John with Bedroom Tax appeal

Raise client John Smith is currently appealing his bedroom tax decision to the upper tribunal.  Raise worker Ruth Knox has helped him from the start, preparing and winning an appeal to the first tier tribunal before helping him after the DWP appealed the decision.

John uses the 2nd bedroom in his adapted bungalow to store equipment that allows him to live life to the full.   Moving to a 1 bedroom property would cause huge disruption and leave him with limited space to store things he uses in his everyday life, including his wheelchair.  Johns case has received publicity, both locally and nationally, due to his enduring commitment to working with his local community.  John was recently honoured by David Cameron with the ‘Point of Light’ award, for his volunteer work coaching wheelchair football.  The story appeared in the Echo and was picked up by the Daily Mirror and Private Eye.

Raise image private eye

Raise worker, Ruth Knox, will continue to help John and is focusing on challenging the bedroom tax wherever possible.  Through communicating with other welfare workers and finding different ways to challenge bedroom tax decisions in law, Ruth aims to provide people affected by the charge with permanent solutions that allow them to live their lives in a more sustainable way.

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