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Bedroom Tax Supreme Court decision

Challenges to the bedroom tax continue, and Raise has helped 170 people in Liverpool appeal bedroom tax decisions.winning over 50 of these cases at first tier tribunal. Many of these decisions were appealed by the DWP, resulting in further tribunals. Raise has supported clients throughout lengthy appeals processes and helped many people in Liverpool successfully challenge the bedroom tax. This weeks decisions by the Supreme court were a welcome development and will mean that we will be able to help more people in Liverpool challenge bedroom tax decisions. The first case involved Mr and Mrs Carmichael from Southport. Mrs Carmichael has spina bifida and needs a special hospital-type bed in her room. As she cannot share a bed her husband needs his own bedroom. The Bedroom tax meant that they were penalised for this extra room. The second case was brought by the Rutherfords, who care for a severely disabled grandson. The Supreme Court found that they should be allowed an extra room for a respite carer to sleep overnight. Previously, additional rooms for this purpose could only by exempt if the housing benefit claimant was the person who needed the carer. These decisions give us the opportunity to challenge more bedroom tax decisions, and open the way for further challenges based on overnight carers for disabled adults. We will continue to help people challenge bedroom tax decisions wherever possible. These decisions show that challenges to the bedroom tax take a long time and involve a lot of work, but can make a big difference to people who claim housing benefit now and in the future.

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