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Raise provides advice and assistance with benefits, debts, and money management issues

We visit nearly all our clients in their homes, in outreach offices or via telephone.  We don’t have a high street office, we come to see you.

You can contact us by
  1. Asking your housing officer to refer you if you are with on of our Housing Association funders
  2. Call us on 0151 4822475
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We can help with

Benefits advice

We provide the advice people need for the problems they face within the field of Welfare Benefits at a generalist advice level, for example benefit checks and benefit form filling (personal independence payment (PIP) and employment and support allowance (ESA), universal credit right through to specialist advice which could start at benefit appeals for tax credits, housing benefit all the way through to appealing a bedroom tax decision in the Upper Tribunal. We help individuals to navigate the complex system, that is now more complicated than ever before due to the changes that Welfare Reform has brought about since 2011.

 Money advice

We provide a comprehensive money advice service that is licenced by the Financial Conduct Authority. We support people to maximise their income and reduce their debt by advising on their options such as monthly payment plans, debt relief orders and bankruptcy. We provide a caseworker service so that client feel they are being supported to make the changes they need in order to ensure ongoing financial sustainable.

Financial Capability

We support people to become financially capable and able to confidently navigate the world of money and finance. We help people with basic budgeting, saving and making the most of their money. With so many offers and comparison sites on the market people do get overwhelmed with different products and services. We can support them to ensure they know the basics and can make shrewd decisions on switching providers and saving. This ultimately leads to greater financial confidence that enables people to make more informed decisions about their financial future.

External Training and support

Our housing association staff teams are kept up-to-date by Raise with monthly welfare benefits bulletins as well as day to day welfare benefit changes. We have a team of Welfare Benefits specialists who are qualified to deliver training within welfare benefits and we ensure housing associations staff are trained in welfare rights issues that they have identified as a need or requirement. We work proactively to address these needs year on year.

Raise has recently started to expand its training services offering bespoke training on welfare benefits to non funded housing associations. The feedback we have seen has been very positive and we will continue to expand the training offer over the next few years.

Raise provides a team of advisers with a range of specialist skills and experience that is supported by a range of different contracts and grants. The size of the team allows advisers to share knowledge of complex issues and allows visits to be pooled to reduce travelling time. Such a set of skills and efficiency savings could not be easily replicated in a smaller team within individual housing associations. Many housing associations within the LCR have some provision for advising tenants, either internally or contracted to Raise. The range and depth of provision can vary, from simple budgeting advice and some help with form filling, to complex welfare benefits casework. Only Raise provides specialist debt advice and high quality welfare benefits advice with tribunal representation.