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Warm Home Discount open

The Warm Home Discount is now open for new applications. If you are on a low income you could qualify. The scheme is funded be energy providers and each one has a different set of criteria, so it can pay to check if you are eligible. The grant is worth £140 which...
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75 years of Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice is 75 years old on 4th September. The charitiy has been active in Liverpool from the start and has helped generations of residents with many different issues. New Direction has advisers in Wavertree, North Liverpool and South Liverpool CABs and they have provided ongoing help and advice to over 700 Social...
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Minimum income to get by

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation recently produced a report looking at the amount of money people need to get by in the UK. It found that families have been greatly affected by the freeze in child benefit and the reduction in tax credits. The amount of money a lone parent with a single child...
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Bedroom tax evaluation

The government has produced an interim evaluation report on the removal of the spare room subsidy, generally known as the bedroom tax. It found that housing associations had a good understanding of how it was affecting their tenants and had identified most of the tenants who would need help. The policy is meant...
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