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Minimum income to get by

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation recently produced a report looking at the amount of money people need to get by in the UK. It found that families have been greatly affected by the freeze in child benefit and the reduction in tax credits. The amount of money a lone parent with a single child needs to earn to have a decent life has gone from £12000 in 2008 to £27100 this year. Single people of working age needed to earn £13500 in 2008 but now need to earn £16200.

With wage levels stagnating, it is harder than ever to make enough money from work to cover all your bills. In these circumstances it is more important than ever to make sure you are getting all that you are entitled to in the form or tax credits, benefits or council tax reduction.

To check you entitlement, click here to use an online benefit calculator.

To read the JRF report click here .

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