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Water Bills and Saving Water

If you are having trouble paying your water bill, there are a few things you can do to help make things easier.

If you are on a meter, there are a lot of things you can do to use less water. These can often be simple and easily incorporated into your everyday life. The United Utilities website has information on saving water as well as access to free products that you can use in your home. Click here for information on saving water

You can also get help with any arrears by applying for the arrears allowance scheme where United Utilities will pay further money towards you arrears if you are able to set up and keep to an agreed repayment plan.

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In Liverpool, United Utilities are trialling a Support tariff which can reduce the amount people on limited incomes pay for their water. This tariff is available in certain post codes in the city and can offer a good option if you are in arrears with you water.


Further help can be gained by applying for a United Utilities trust fund grant which can help pay off water arrears and potentially other debt. The grant can help you get to a place where you are able to pay your future water costs within a manageable budget.

If you are a Social Tenant, many landlords have staff that can help you access help with your water. New Direction workers can also go through your options and help you apply.

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