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Online Benefit Calculator

Keeping up to date with your benefits can be hard. If you are in work, a change in pay or hours can mean you are entitled to more or less money. If you are entitled to more you might miss our, if you are entitled to less you might have to pay it back.

Using an online benefit calculator can help you work out where you stand. The GOV.UK site gives you access to publicly accessible calculators. They take you through the process of making a calculation step by step and have help pages along the way. If the result turns out to be different to the amount you are getting, there is a lot of help available to find out what this means. You can attend a local CAB or other advice agency to go through the results and find out what a recent change in your income will mean to you. New Direction advisers can also help with this, taking you through the process and helping you apply for any benefits you might be entitled to.

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