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Welfare Benefits February 2020

Case Study
Our client is a single parent of four children, two of whom suffer from debilitating health conditions. Both children had claims for Disability Living Allowance refused, ending the client’s claim for Carer’s Allowance and forcing her to make a claim for UC. There was also a shortfall in HB due to the Benefit Cap; rent arrears were increasing and the client was under significant financial distress.

Both DLA appeals were won; each child was awarded high rate mobility and middle rate care. Her son’s Mobility award was exchanged for a car and financially, they were still £178.60 per week better off, as well as receiving a huge £18400 in backpay!

The DLA awards meant the client was entitled to the ‘Disabled child element’ within her Universal Credit for both children, resulting in £1000 in backpay and an additional £252.22 per month. She was also entitled to backdated ‘Disabled child element’ for the period she was claiming Tax Credits. This was calculated and the client received £4750 in backpay, however the caseworker believes another £4000 is owed, and is still hard at work ensuring this is paid. The client’s CA could also be awarded again, which meant a further £66.15 per week income, as well as an additional £4555 in backpay!

After our caseworkers completed a UC50, the client was placed in the limited capability for work related activity group, eliminating the Benefit Cap and resulting in a £78 per week increase for her with £533 full rent now being paid direct to the landlord. The client was also awarded Personal Independence Payment, increasing her income by a further £116 per week, with a further £1200 backpay awarded.

The caseworker also assisted the client’s eldest son in making a Carer’s Allowance claim, entitling him to the Carer’s Element of UC. His income increased by £36.97 per week, as well as receiving £3951 in backpay!
This is what the client had to say about the huge amount of work our caseworkers have done for her family:

‘Raise have been absolutely amazing throughout the whole process. They always kept me up to date. They were so supportive during the case but also with directing me onto other organisations that could help me.’
‘I am way better off now compared to last year when I was at a really bad point…It’s like a weight has been lifted…I can’t thank them enough.’

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