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New tenancy

The client had recently moved into a new flat and was in the process of setting everything up. He saw New Direction worker, Charanjeet who saw him at a Home Visit.
His first issue was Housing Benefit. The flat had been let to him as a 1 bedroom flat but he wasn’t getting full Housing Benefit as the 2nd very small ‘bedroom’ was still registered with the council. Charanjeet helped him call the Housing Association and they agreed to send a letter confirming that this had been reclassified as a one bedroom property.
Charanjeet then helped him with bills. They read the meters and then called the current suppliers with initial readings. They also called TV licence and United Utilities to set up the licence and water bills. Charanjeet talked to the client about his water usage and helped in look into the possibility of a water meter.
They went through a budget so the client could understand where his money is going and how he needs to prioritise expenditure over the month. They looked at where he shopped for food and Charanjeet gave him a hand out on times when food is marked down in supermarkets.
Having spoken to him about his benefits and income, Charanjeet felt that he wasn’t getting all the benefits he was entitled to and that he could be entitled to Personal Independence Payment. The called PIP and she helped him request a form, a process that required him to answer some questions about his situation. When this was done, she advised him how he could get help from a specialist adviser to complete the form when it arrived.
Charanjeet saw the client over 5 appointments and they looked at every aspect of his income and expenditure and made sure that he was in the best possible position to sustain his tenancy.

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