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New Direction worker Elaine saw the client on a home visit. The client was having issues with debt and was already seeking debt advice. She said that she wasn’t paying some household bills, including water and TV licence. She was concerned that once the debt issue was sorted out she didn’t want to get into any further financial trouble and wanted everything sorted out.
Elaine went through a budget with her and identified all the bills she needed to pay. She called TV licence and helped her set up a payment plan for this. She also went through all her other outgoings and helped her make a plan that would help her keep to her budget.
After speaking about her health issues, Elaine saw that the client might be eligible for the personal independence payment (PIP). They discussed how this can be applied for and what she would need to do to claim it and the client decided she would like to go ahead. The application process involves calling for a form and answering questions relating to the claim and this is something the client was nervous of completing. Elaine helped her make the call, using the New Direction phone, and supported her through the process, giving her confidence to answer the questions and acting as a point of referral when she didn’t understand or needed clarification. When the form was received, Elaine advised her to contact Raise for an appointment to help with its completion, which she subsequently did.
Elaine helped the client get back on track and take action to support other advice she was receiving. With the additional coaching and support from New Direction, she was able to take the steps she needed to increase her income and take more control of her money.

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