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First Bank Account


Kevin was was able to open a bank account and start using it with the help of New Direction worker, Charanjeet. Kevin was referred to us by SLH and had been concerned that changes in benefits would mean he needed a new account.

Charanjeet talked to Kevin about his concerns and helped him go through the process of opening a new bank account. She helped him look at the options, going online to look at different websites and understand what he needed from his account and which one would be best for him. When they had chosen a suitable account, Charanjeet helped him make an appointment to open the account. She accompanied him on the appointment and introduced him to staff in his local branch, so he could feel confident going there in the future to ask any questions.

As Kevin had always used cash before, he was nervous of using his card in shops. Charanjeet helped him with this, taking him to a local supermarket where she helped him use chip and pin to buy some groceries.

Kevin had been concerned about the change to universal credit and had been worried about needing a bank account in the future. Now, thanks to Charanjeet, all that has been dealt with and he is ready for any future change.

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