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Challenging decisions

Raise helps clients challenge benefit decisions.  In 2014/15 we prepared appeals for 463 clients and represented 378 of these at appeal tribunals.

Raise workers help clients understand benefit decisions and identify when decisions can be challenged.  By understanding why decisions are made, specialist workers can build arguments to support appeals.  By carrying out home visits, the workers are in a good position to understand each client’s individual circumstances and help them put together an affective appeal.

Support at tribunal hearings is an important part of the work we do.  Attending a tribunal makes the chances of success much higher, however many people are wary of going in person.   The formality of a tribunal hearing is much easier when you have someone on your side, and Raise helps many clients with specialist representation at tribunal hearings as well as the moral support brought by having someone with you.

Our work on challenging decisions has made a difference to the outcome for clients.  In 2014/15 we achieved above average results for ESA and Housing Benefit appeals.  We will continue to support clients and challenge decisions wherever possible.

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