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Bedroom tax appeals


Raise has supported many tenants in challenging their bedroom tax decisions.  To date, we have helped 124 tenants through the tribunal process, winning 53 cases.  We continue to support tenants in challenging under occupation decisions wherever possible.

The DWP are appealing many decisions which found in favour of tenants and Raise workers  continue to support tenants through this process and are helping a number of clients appeal to the upper tribunal.

We feel that the bedroom tax is unjust and have seen it have a major affect on low income clients.  We have been active on adviser forums and conducted an initial exercise when to identify possible ways to challenge decisions.  These methods have been tried and some, such as room size, have been more successful than others, such as right to family life.  We believe that all arguments must be tested and will continue to support any tenant using our service who feels they have a valid cause to appeal.


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